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(Part 2 of the Seed Trilogy' )

Therapeutic Story: for building resilience, normalising 'Making Mistakes' and bouncing back after facing adversity.

Once upon a time, there was a vibrant garden nestled between two towering oak trees. In one corner, there lived two seeds named Finn and Bella. They were good friends, but they had one thing that made them different from one another.

Finn believed that making mistakes was a natural part of learning and growth. Bella feared making mistakes, and preferred to stay within her comfort zone. This is where she felt everything safe and predictable.

Bella stayed in a place where there were rocks under her and hard soil layers. This hindered her from growing and developing deep strong roots. But Bella did not want to move away from her space. She was unsure of shifting to another area in the garden.

Finn told her, “Bella, you need to grow deeper roots. Deep roots are important for our growth and to get enough nutrition from the soil. You are in a space that is crowded with weeds. You are not getting enough sunlight and water and nutrition to grow.

But Bella remained still. She said, “Finn, I don’t want to make the mistake of moving. What if the other place is not good enough for me too? What if I won’t survive there? I don’t want to move away from this place. I have known this place since I was born, so it is better I stay here itself. I don’t want to make a mistake by moving away”.

Finn replied, “Dear Bella, you are my friend, and I have only your best interest at heart. I understand that you are afraid to make a mistake. If the other place is worse than this one, I will help you shift again. But here you are not going to develop deeper roots. And that may cause you more pain and hurt."

Bella smiled and thanked Finn for his help. She said, “Finn, if I have a problem, I will let you know. But for now, I must stay here only”.

One sunny day, a sudden storm swept through the garden, bringing strong winds and heavy rain. The soil became saturated, and the ground beneath Finn and Bella's roots began to erode. Terrified, Bella huddled close to the safety of her shell, afraid to venture out into the unknown.

But Finn, with his resilient spirit, saw an opportunity for growth amidst the chaos. He stretched his deep roots even more deeper into the soil, anchoring himself firmly against the storm's fury. With each gust of wind and each droplet of rain, he embraced the challenge, knowing that it would only make him stronger.

Bella on the other hand, shuddered with fear. She had nowhere to hold on to, as her roots were so shallow that there was nothing that could tether her. She was afraid that she would get washed away forever during this storm.

Finn came to her rescue. He said, “Bella, please come, please move a little so that you can hold on to the soft soil with your roots”.

As the storm raged on, Bella watched in awe as Finn remained steadfast in the face of adversity. Inspired by his courage, she mustered the strength to venture beyond her comfort zone. With trembling roots, she reached out to Finn, seeking refuge from the storm.

Bella said, “Oh Finn! , the biggest mistake I have made is not listening to you by moving to a better place when I could have. Now my roots are shallow and I don’t have what it takes to hold on, especially during a storm.”

Finn welcomed Bella with open arms, offering her shelter beneath his sturdy leaves. "Don't be afraid, Bella," he whispered , "Mistakes are stepping stones on the path to growth. Together, we can weather any storm."

Emboldened by Finn's words, Bella found the courage to push past her fear of making mistakes. With Finn by her side, she discovered the power of resilience, and the beauty of embracing life's challenges. She felt a huge load lift off her, and she felt happy, after a very long time.

And so, as the storm passed and the sun emerged from behind the clouds, Finn and Bella stood tall and strong.

United in their journey of growth and learning, they knew that with an open heart and a little courage, they could overcome many of life's challenges.

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