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Updated: May 3

(Part 1 of the Seed Trilogy)

Therapeutic Story for building resilience, facing adversity and fostering a growth mindset.

Image Courtesy: Francesco Gallarotti (Unsplash)

In the heart of a bustling garden, nestled beneath the shade of towering trees, two seeds lay side by side, each holding a unique perspective on the world. One seed, named Ember, radiated with cheer and hope, while the other, named Slate, was anxious with fear.

As the sun cast its golden rays upon the garden, Ember eagerly embraced the warmth, stretching its tender roots deep into the earth with a sense of anticipation and resilience. With each passing breeze and whispered encouragement of the garden's inhabitants, Ember whispered to itself, "I may be small now, but with determination and adaptability, I will grow into something magnificent."

On the other hand, Slate remained ensnared within himself, fearful of change and resistant to the idea of growth. It cowered within its shell, whispering words of doubt and hesitation, "I am just a seed, destined to remain as I am. There's no point in trying. This is what I’am and what I shall always be. A little seed, insignificant and imperfect.”

As days turned into weeks, a sudden drought swept through the garden, casting a veil of uncertainty and stress over its inhabitants. The once-lush soil began to dry and crack under the relentless heat, threatening the survival of every seed and sprout. Both Ember and Slate also faced the same situation. However, Ember reduced his metabolic activity to conserve energy and water. This reduced activity allowed Ember to withstand extended periods of dryness without experiencing damage. Ember knew that he needed to conserve his energy and just wait till the conditions were favourable to grow. But Slate in panic , almost dried out completely and was shrivelling extremely fast. He didn’t know what to do!

In the face of adversity, Ember's mindset shone like a beacon of hope. Instead of succumbing to despair, Ember embraced the challenge head-on, tapping into his resilience and creativity to seek out alternative sources of water and nourishment. It reached out to neighbouring plants, offering support and encouragement in their time of need. He spoke to the other seeds about laying dormant for a while and calm to weather this drought. This support system was mutually beneficial for Ember and the entire garden.

Meanwhile, Slate trembled with fear and uncertainty, feeling all alone,  paralysed by the thought of change and unable to see beyond. As the days passed and the drought persisted, Slate's despair deepened, and it felt as though all hope was lost. He started getting weaker and helpless. His protective seed coating started to diminish rapidly. He felt exposed and unable to handle himself. Also he started to expend his energy wastefully by getting angry and upset.

But Ember refused to abandon its companion to the darkness of despair. With empathy and determination, Ember reached out to Slate, offering words of encouragement and support. "Dear Slate," Ember whispered gently, "I understand your fears, butI believe in your potential to overcome this challenge. Together, we can find a way through this."

Moved by Ember's unwavering faith, Slate began to tentatively embrace the concept of growth. With each passing day, it ventured beyond the safety of its shell, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With Ember by its side, Slate found the strength to tap into his own resilience and creativity, seeking out solutions to the challenges they faced together. He saw how Ember embraced challenges, dealt with change and could adapt, in spite of such extreme stress. It saw how Ember not only helped himself, but how he rose to the occasion to help others in the similar situation.

As the drought receded and the garden once again bloomed with life, Ember and Slate stood tall and proud amidst the vibrant foliage, their roots intertwined in a beautiful display of solidarity and support. Through empathy, perseverance, and unwavering belief, they had weathered the storm together, proving that even in the face of adversity, the correct mindset can light the way forward.

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