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The Shoes That Didn't Fit

Everybody had pairs of shoes

That looked so perfect and nice

They carried it with elan

And to their great delight

However, when I saw a pair

Across the aisle in a store

I picked it up and took a whirl

And happy feet finally found a soul

For many a time, I took my new friend

With a walk with me

Found solace in its company

As it kept my feet so clean

As the days went by I found

It became a bit lose and then would fall down

It slowly started to lose its sheen

And its shape as well

I still tried it however, now and then

Finally there came a day

When my favorite pair just wouldn't fit

Isn't that how life can be

One day something fits, another day

Different as can be

What was, isn't now anymore

I loved my shoes

And will always evermore

But the day has come to bid adieu

To the pair that gave me happiness so anew

Would I buy another pair?

Maybe so, cause life is fair

What was at one time, isn't anymore

Only cause what is to come

Will suit me even more so

Change is the only constant you see

Shoes like life, move on and see

Each has a reason and a season to be

What I wore in winter, in summer can never be

Therefore my friend

Smile and know

Don't fret to throw away

Those shoes that don't fit anymore


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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