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The 'Mai' in Dwarkamai

Sai Baba - the saint who lives on in the hearts of millions. The One who is revered and loved by many, had his home in Shirdi, called 'Dwarka-Mai'

Mai means mother. And He felt that His home is His Mother, therefore He took care of her with a feeling of fond devotion, service and solicitude. A Home as a Mother.

What does a home like this stand for? What would it represent? This home would be a home where you feel motherly affection and care, a home where love abides. A home that is a safe place, a protection, a place where you can find solace, a sort of retreat almost from the vicissitudes of life.

A home where you can sense a feeling of total and complete acceptance of one another. A home where individual differences exist, but it doesn't overshadow the respect each one have for one another. A home where you sense an acceptance for yourself as well. For only when the cup is full, can we share with one another. Nobody has ever been able to give from an empty cup. This feeling of fullness, of contentment, of love, is Dwarka-Mai.

Sai loved His Dwarka-Mai. When she was lit with multiple diyas she looked resplendent. She glowed with motherly care. She was the epitome of giving, just as a mother does, bestowing her son with all that She has within her. She grants her child, her own life. She feels sad, when her children are sad, she feels hurt when her children are hurt, She listens to what her children say and offers them advise, and at the same time, the space to either follow that advise or not. She gives them room to grow and flower. She encourages her children to follow their dreams and prays for their fulfilment. She is Dwarka- Mai.

I wish that our homes are a sanctuary that resembles Sai's beloved Dwarkamai. That we can feel her love and care and bask in her divine almost ethereal grace.

Sai Gurudev.

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Sneha Nikam
Sneha Nikam
Jul 21, 2022

Very well expressed❤️

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