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Own your Story

We go about our lives in a blur many times. Schedules, routines, and the hectic pace just seem to invade our state, and then it's like a downward spiral from there. However, the important aspect of this is to become aware, albeit later, that one is on such a self-debilitating mission to burnout.

Then there are moments of peace and holidays, and cheer and laughter. Where you watch the ocean and can breathe, where children bring a smile to your face and you live every moment so fully and exhale, that life just seems like a perfect balance.

In truth, we are always living between these two states most of the time. The hectic and the peaceful, the routine vs the spontaneous. And what I have realized is that regardless of the state that you are in right now at this moment, own up to your story.

Each one of us has a blueprint that makes us react or respond to people and situations in a particular way. The beauty of that is, that is exactly what makes you different and unique in this world. In our attempt to fit in, to blend, to maintain the status quo, we sacrifice what the true inner nature within calls us to do.

Then our dreams are not our dreams, but those of others, our life goals are not ours, but expectations from others. We become the chameleon that changes colour according to the environment, unable to see what our true colours are.

This is not necessary.

The freedom to be, to exhale, to make your own mistakes, to pick up the pieces itself is living. That is the paradigm of your unique existence, your own scars, your own journey. And the more we celebrate our own story, acknowledge our own existence, and live it, only then will there be any resonance within ourselves.

Who am I ?
What unique gifts do I bring into this world?
What is my story?

Every day we are presented with opportunities that make us weave our story. A story of a warrior or a soldier, a story of a victim or an aggressor, a story of a schemer or a manipulator, a story of a nurturer, a caregiver, or a helper.

So own up to your story, Carry your wounds, your scars, your mistakes, and your life-altering twists, as pathways that have made you who you are. Your imperfections as your cloak and walk on with a head held high, for what you bring into the world, nobody can.


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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