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Unapologetically You

So as women, even today, many feel un-heard, un-acknowledged, and un-seen, and we seek people or places where we can feel validated for who we are, for what we stand for. The sad part is, that this train of thought may have existed years ago but at the backbone of today's reality, even among the intellectuals, the worthy, and the elite, this divide continues.


Penning a poem to elaborate this:

Wear a red dress girl, Go out and shout out,

Through everything and all the chores

When the world just seems to close

Be unapologetically you

Through all of the harsh words

Whenever you felt alone

Just do your thing and go along

Be unapologetically you

When loved ones let you be

To manage on your own

Just find your voice and make a noise

Be unapologetically you

When your advice was scorned

And you felt deeply torn

Just stay strong and know all along

Be unapologetically you

When it feels like even though

You do what everyone tells you to

You still feel short, you tag along

Be unapologetically you

Girl you are the queen

You can adjust your throne

Just sing along, go make your song

Be unapologetically you

The truth is we shy away from life, we cover under the sheets not wanting to face the truth of the matter. This only makes things worse. It takes a lot of courage to fight for what you believe in, to stand tall, even though and in spite of. Like when it does not even make sense anymore.

Our logical mind is the main obstacle to growth I feel. We conjure up these stories to hide behind pain and hurt and abuse. The truth is there is no excuse. No excuse for being not respected for the woman you are and the woman you are going to evolve into.

Be unapologetically you!

Respectfully-- The Storyteller_Mumbai

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