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Whiskers Has A Tummy Ache

Once upon a lush, green meadow, there lived a fluffy brown rabbit named Whiskers. Whiskers was known far and wide for his love of carrots. He would nibble on them all day long, delighting in their crunchy sweetness. But there was something else that made Whiskers very happy - his friends.

Whiskers had a close group of friends: a wise old owl named Oliver, a playful squirrel named Sammy, and a gentle deer named Daisy. They would spend their days exploring the meadow, playing games, and sharing stories. Whenever Whiskers was with his friends, he felt a warmth in his heart that seemed to chase away any worries.

But when Whiskers couldn't be with his friends, something strange would happen. He would develop a terrible tummy ache, one that made him curl up with pain.

At first, everyone thought it was because Whiskers ate too many carrots. So Whiskers stopped eating carrots for a few days. He would have warm stew made by Mamma Whisker, which was very comforting.

But as the days passed, Whiskers pain did not reduce. Whenever he could not meet his friends, Whisker’s tummy ached and ached.

Trouble Tummy , troubling me, in pain I sway and sway,

Trouble Tummy , troubling me, make my pain go away.

Mamma Whisker told him, “ Whiskers, your friends are studying for their exams, so they are not there in the garden today to play”. But Whisker would whimper with his stomach ache. He wanted his friends no matter what. He wanted to always play.

Mamma Whisker was worried and she thought of how she could help her child feel better.

One sunny day, as Whiskers was lying in the shade of a tall oak tree, his friends gathered around him, concerned. "Whiskers, we are worried about you," Daisy said softly, her big brown eyes filled with concern. "Is there something bothering you?"

Whiskers hesitated, but then he confessed, "I get this awful tummy ache every day. I thought it was because of the carrots, but now I'm not so sure."

Oliver, the wise old owl, nodded. "My dear friend, it seems like your tummy ache might not be because of the carrots.  It sounds like you might be having tummy pain, ONLY when you're apart from us."

Whiskers blinked in surprise. Yes..  he never thought about it this way.  He realised Oliver might be right. Whenever he worried about not being able to see his friends, his tummy would churn with discomfort.

With my friends I’am happy, I’m happy, I love to play and play

Without them I feel so bad that my tummy pains and pains.

His friends gathered around him, offering words of comfort and support. "You're not alone, Whiskers," Sammy chirped, hopping closer. "We're always here for you. And if we can’t be with you, it is because we are busy with school or homework or something else. But we all love you, whether we are with you or not”.

With the help of his  mamma, Whiskers learned strategies to manage his pain. She taught him how to take deep breaths and focus on the present moment. Also she would play his favourite music when he felt his tummy ache starting. The music soothed Whiskers who started feeling calmer and calmer. He would also take some crayons and  draw randomly what came to his mind at that time, and that would make him feel even more better.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Whiskers found that his tummy aches became less frequent.

With music and drawing all the knots in his stomach would melt away and he felt more free and would smile showing his buck teeth.

And so with and a tummy free of aches, Whiskers continued to hop through the meadow, knowing that no matter what challenges came his way, he could handle it, even if his friends were not present. He hopped higher and bounced with happiness singling:

Trouble Tummy troubling me? Troubling me no more

Trouble Tummy not troubling me, I can laugh and play more and more!


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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