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The Long Wait

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

After all this time

The dam has held its waters

It has replenished and churned within

Silently waiting

Till one day

The floodgates open

The water gushes through the channels

With such urgency and precision

Like it was in waiting, preparing itself

For such a day to arrive

It had sustained a lot

It has persevered through hard times

For this moment to arrive

Months, maybe years had passed

Before she could just flow this way

Over parched lands

A sigh of relief

An exhale

Tears brimming

Which wet the cheek

The dam of the eyes open

In life and death

The waiting is the hardest

Holding on seems difficult

And letting go is an act of faith

Before the gates open and flow unto thee


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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1 Comment

Sneha Nikam
Sneha Nikam
Dec 15, 2022

Very nice!

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