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The Gift Of Acceptance

In our daily lives, we come across so many different kinds of people, who have different priorities, different viewpoints, and different perspectives on similar situations. Each is in some way, gifted with their own intelligence ingrained and intertwined in their personalities that make them who they are.

Somehow, in spite of these so-called differences, we gel with a couple of people. some become close friends and some we keep at bay only to interact with them on a need-to-know basis. What defines this phenomenon? How does the human spirit identify who has the potential for an intimate relationship or not?

The answer in my view is twofold. One is energy. We all have innate energy that we beam into the universe, like a radio antenna. This energy can either attract or repel another energy moving into its space. Therefore, the sudden calm you feel around someone instantly can be the energy or aura that the person emits that attracts you to him or her. Attraction or repel to someone's energy is a subconscious, almost automatic process. We may not have control over 'how' we feel around some people.

Therefore, there is something more than just energy that forms human bonds. And that is 'acceptance'. Do we have the space to understand and accept people who are different from us? Do we see that just as we can be flawed in a million ways, so are they, but that does not make them bad or wrong. They have lived or learned in an environment contrasting to our own. We see the world through the prism of our own experiences. This makes what we see 'coloured' by our own opinions and thoughts. However, if we can step outside and view what is as it is without judgement, then a whole new world can open up for us. A whole new way of thinking, where there are grey areas, nothing purely defined as right or wrong. Everybody is seen as a part of you going through something in their own way. In that way, the world becomes more inclusive rather than disparate.

May you be gifted

With the spirit of acceptance

To see things as they are

The stormy waters of the sea of then

Calm down to accepting thee

Every thing as a gift of God

Every one has a part to play

In this divine intricate pattern

Accept what is given with reverence

For you may not know its role yet

But it is there for you to learn

To fathom and unravel

The mysteries of the Universe

@shukritasankaran - Monday, July 18 2022

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