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Peace within the Chaos

They say all change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous in the end- Robin Sharma

However, every single moment things are changing around us, and as soon as you have wrapped your head around one change, the next is lurking around the corner. How does one keep one's sanity during these times? If not this, then that, or the other.

The practice of mindfulness in daily life has become more important than ever. To steer one's ship toward the calm, to be in the eye of the storm, and maintain one's balance and equanimity, knowing that there could be times when your ship could get overthrown, albeit temporarily.

Thich Nhat Hanh, with his words of wisdom about mindful sitting, mindful walking and mindfully living with one's breath, awakened the seed of a whole new way of living and existing.

Morgan Harper Nichols, an American Christian musician, songwriter, mixed-media artist, and writer tells us to trust the process and be patient with our inner selves as we undergo major life transformations. Also, she offers solace through her words, which convey that it is okay to not be okay and to not know. Within these moments of 'not-knowing' - just love yourself more fiercely than before. The new dawn of clarity will come eventually, and there is always hope that we can bank on.

When you surrender, the problem ceases to exist. Try to solve it, or conquer it, and you only set up more resistance. Henry Miller.

One truth that I have realized, is that each one of us is on our own journey. We cannot compare or contrast our life choices, our own trials, and tribulations with anyone else's. Also, self-love is a very important thing. Unless you love and respect yourself for who you are, you cannot set healthy boundaries within relationships. And when you cannot set boundaries, you invite toxic, dependent, unnecessary trouble into your life by nurturing bonds that are detrimental to your own spiritual and emotional well-being and a deterrent to your growth and development as a human.

Therefore, love and respect go hand in hand. I have seen many people say they love each other, only to not respect each other's wishes and feelings. A relationship based on respect has more to offer in terms of space and freedom to be - for oneself and the other.

Knowing that you have the ability to find peace within your chaos, can really boost your confidence and self-worth. In truth, we all have this ability within us but chose either not to see it, cause it does require a lot of groundwork to realize this, or we chose the easier path which is to look 'outside' ourselves to find solutions to our problems.

Sometimes you become the weed in someone else's life, because the dependency and the so called 'poor -me' attitude, makes you drift towards them. This stems essentially from a lack of self-esteem and a 'victim' mindset. At such times, words of solace from someone else may temporarily feel good, but unless the perspective from within changes, these moments and these feelings of unworthiness will always creep back in.

The truth however is 'You Are Enough'. You are given only that much that you can overcome. And when this secret is revealed to you, it makes you stronger. The journey however, may be tumultuous, with rocky waters trying to overthrow you on some days. But you hold on to dear life, to everything that is unshakable and you take it all in your stride, one moment and one day at a time.

Here is wishing you enough. Enough strength to bear the cross across your shoulders, enough self-love to keep you buoyant , and enough resilience to carry you through.


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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