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Of Endings and Beginnings

It is the end of the year and somehow, it is customary to reminiscence how the year treated us. In hindsight, and in jotting down events after they have occurred, lie tiny seeds of learning, growth, and wisdom. The wisdom may lie in just realizing a little more about ourselves. How we reacted to uncertainty, to novel situations, to illness, to altercations, to doubt, to change.

These tiny seeds of awareness about our patterns, our reactions, and responses to events, can all aid in building emotional and spiritual maturity and in general resilience.

The more that you don't get harrowed by people, places, and the world, the more observant you are, rather than reactive, and the more you can, from a distance, see things for what they are, rather than what they could or should have been, the more at ease you shall be.

The new year heralds a new beginning. It is a podium on which we stand to reclaim what we may have lost, what we hope to gain and one more chance to better understand ourselves, and through that understanding, understand others.

The more we see the ups and downs of the year gone by, we realize that for something new to sprout, something that was old needed to be discarded. The slate needs to be wiped clean. Clean of our apprehensions, anger, and mistrust. The Universe aids people who trust that whatever is happening, is for the greater good of oneself. Even the testing times. When you feel like, 'Why me?', or it happens to 'me' only as if the Universe is somehow targeting you, at such times, just taking one step back helps. To remove oneself from the turbulent emotions, the bodily reactions, the mental upheavals.

The death of doubt can sow the seed of trust
The death of anger can sow the seed of acceptance
The death of mistrust can sow seeds of faith

So here's wishing a lot of things end for you, by the end of 2023. And to new beginnings in 2024, that may be a year of personal, ,professional and spiritual growth with mental peace. The stressors may remain, and the people who may have wronged us shall remain too, but now we will know what innate ammunition we have to face and deal with it, to thrive and grow, with grace and dignity.

Happy 2024!!

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