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The Weave Of Your Life

Grey, blue, or green?

What color would you use for your tapestry?

Would it be a light or a deep hue permeating the entire space?

Would it have a unique shape?

A circle to celebrate wholeness and completeness

A triangle where always three options appear

Or infinity forever?

Will it have a familiar aroma?

Maybe of your firstborn, or simply warm coffee, or lavender

Of a fragrance that will remind you of the time

When all was okay with the world.

How will it feel to touch this cloth you are weaving?

Would it have needles to remind you of life's perturbing times?

And flowers on another to remind you of the way you have blossomed

The way you stood your ground and survived

The way you paved the road ahead with courage and perseverance

The way you faltered, fell down, and sighed

The way you found your strength to stand up again, to fight

Not anybody else, but the demons that raged within you

Your fears and apprehensions

Your anger and sadness

Your angst and disappointment

Will your design be symmetrical or random?

Will you accept the imperfections of the weave

The slight undulations, the wavering, and the steadfastness

With which you trudge along

Will this speak of the journeys you have made

Through unknown roads, that felt scary

And when you realized you could navigate through a little

Did you ever surprise or shock your own self?

As you surrendered to time, to space, unto your own self

To rise like the phoenix from the ashes

To be born again and again and again, in one lifetime

And to adorn different robes every time, and do justice to them

By acting according to your inner compass that makes you- you.

What would be the weave of your life?

The Storyteller_Mumbai

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