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The box of stickers

Opened a box of stickers

After thirty years

Floodgates of memories

Of a childhood I hold so dear

They made smile and think about

The times I used to stick

A sticker every single day

On my pink cupboard door

Till one day there wasn't any

Space to stick no more

But I was not disheartened really

Cause the sticker spoke some more

It showed me exactly where

It wanted to be stuck

So I used to paste it on my head

And on the back of my palms

Till mommy used to roll her eyes

And wash them off my hand

I would take the wet sticker back again

And paste it back with a bang

Now it has been a long time

Until today that I opened

This beautiful box of memories

That I hold so dear

Again I was a child you know

Bouncing merrily as can be

For the sticker spoke again

Stick me now please!

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