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The Second Self

I have been having very deep meaningful explorations with perfect strangers of late, on a few common platforms that I've subscribed to. Through the explorations, I have come to realise that even if I don't know these people intimately or have any reference to their life and their loves and their heartbreaks, their job, family situation or anything for that matter, what connects me with a few of them is a common thread of humanity.

Eventually we begin to notice thin threads of commonality, or oneness, of faith and even of resonance.

What does this mean? For me personally, it gives me the wealth of perception from different individuals, and makes me accept and understand people as they are, rather than how we would 'like' them to be.

Also to listen, so purely, without judgement, or even offer a suggestion, or a comment, is a lesson in restraint and quiet patience. I've known that talking helps, but here, listening and discovering the invisible bond of congruity, of accepting one another, however flawed we are, and to love all aspects of ourselves, the parts we hate and abandon and loath even, and the parts we nourish and protect.

The uncomfortable parts of ourselves also surface, bringing tears to one's eyes and we all as a group pause and embrace the gravity of this moment. Offering space to one another to be with, to hold that discomfort, to live with it for a period of time, and then to journal about it, maybe even share publicly our angst, our rage, our sadness.

I feel blessed to discover aspects of myself through these creative explorations, through pure listening, through a non-judgemental attitude, and eventually realising how similar, how human we all are, and how vulnerable we can be, to be shattered by life's experiences.

Life is the best. teacher. And through moments of sheer overwhelm, of grief and of loss or indifference, we come to understand that it has come to us with a purpose. To awaken that aspect of us that we have neglected. To stir the pot, to rouse oneself from the spiritual slumber of one's banal existence so that we can acknowledge, we can finally see our own unique gifts, we can awaken the inner Goddess within to appear more clearly, redefining the texture of our very existence.

So wake up my dear friends
For the one within you has opened the eyes
To see how wondrous, how magnanimous, how monumental
You make a difference, first to your own self
And to the Creator that has made you, you
And the one who can bring about the metamorphosis, is YOU
You have that power, that freedom and that love, all within
Wake Up!

If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences do write to me: storyteller,

With immense gratitude,

The Storyteller_Mumbai

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