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The Enchanted Forest

A therapeutic story for children and adults to create awareness about our environment, which lays emphasis on collective responsibility, group effort and instilling a sense of responsibility to preserve our forests. 

Once upon a time in the Enchanted Forest, there lived a young squirrel named Sammy. Sammy was a curious little fellow, always darting about, exploring every nook and cranny of his forest home.

One bright morning, as the sun painted the sky with hues of pink and orange, Sammy scampered up his favourite oak tree. But something felt different. The air seemed heavy, and the once vibrant leaves drooped with sadness. Sammy's keen senses detected a disturbance in the forest's balance.

"What's wrong, dear forest?" he chittered, his tiny voice filled with concern.

The wise old owl named Oliver, perched high in the branches above, hooted softly in reply. "The Heart stone, young Sammy," she said, her eyes reflecting the wisdom of ages. "It's lost its glow. Without its light, our forest begins to wither."

Sammy's heart sank. The Heart stone, a magical crystal nestled at the heart of the Enchanted Forest, was the source of all life and balance. Without its radiant energy, the forest would fade into darkness.

Determined to restore harmony, Sammy set out on a quest. Through tangled thickets and babbling brooks, he journeyed onward. Along the way, he encountered friends old and new, each offering a helping hand. There was Whiskers the rabbit and Daisy the deer. The three of them set out to save the Heart Stone. As they walked they sang a little tune to alert the other creatures of the forest.

Come along with us, my friend, we need to do some good

The forest is getting sad and bare

It needs to know - we  care

Let's walk to the Heart Stone - it is around the bend,

and  don't forget…. to share

This story with another friend…

As Sammy ventured deeper into the forest, he became more attuned to the subtle rhythms of nature. He noticed it getting quiet as if somehow everything was dying. The silence was scary.

At last, after what seemed like many days, Sammy reached the heart of the forest. There, among a bed of withered ferns, lay the Heart stone,  dull and lifeless.

With a determined heart, Sammy placed his tiny paw upon the stone, so did Whiskers the rabbit and Daisy the deer.  Closing their  eyes, they focused on the love and light that flowed through them. They saw images appear inside the Heart Stone.  The air filled with smoke, the waters polluted with oil spills, the dead fish,  the soil dry and parched, the trees cut mercilessly, and the wind crying for help.

When they opened their eyes, they noticed many more creatures of the forest had joined them. 

‘We must do something’, Daisy said, her eyes brimming with tears. Yes echoed the rest, and the forest echoed their voices back to them. YES!

The elephant said, “ I shall not break any more branches of the trees”.

The monkey said, “ I will not throw banana peels on the ground’ 

The bear said, “ I shall not drop honey all around and make a mess” 

The squirrel Sammy said, “ I’ll eat a few seeds , but I shall plant many in the soil, so new trees can grow” .

Like this each animal pledged their help to restore the forest back. 

Over a few weeks, The Heart stone slowly began to pulse with renewed energy, casting a warm, radiant glow, which spread throughout the land. 

As the forest bathed in the light of the rejuvenated Heart stone, Sammy felt a sense of peace wash over him. 

From that day on, Sammy and his friends  knew the importance of saving the forest.

And so, with a grateful heart , Sammy vowed to cherish and protect his enchanted home for all eternity. He also knew that he had the support of his forest friends. They all danced , singing the tune as they said:

Come along with us, my friend, we need to do some good

The forests need our help

Let’s keep our spaces spick and span and...don't forget…

to share this story with another friend! 

Sing along my friends...Shukrita Sankaran

By Shukrita Sankaran. 

The Storyteller_Mumbai 

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