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Finally Got Some Sunshine!

All those who know me, know I love the sun! And when I don't get some sun, it does affect my mood and vibe in general. Therefore after many many days, caught the evening sun and had to write a short poem to express my delight!

Oh, Sun! Thou Art Magnificence!

Far across the skies so bright

You shine your everlasting light

Filling my soul with delight

That cannot be fixed by any other might

In fact, the more I see you, the more I feel

You as a part of my entity

You seep into the gloomy cracks of my mind

And immerse it with your effervescent light

Then no person, situation, or thing,

Can take away your eternal bling

You make this gal so warm and strong

Do shine and keep carrying on...

Through dark nights and perilous paths

I await your glow to lead the way

So that I may not go astray

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

XoXo. The Storyteller_Mumbai

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