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Holding Space

Holding Space between two

Requires a lot of things

It sounds easy but can be tough

Especially if you miss any of the ingredients

A gigantic measure of patience

An enormous measure of understanding

To respond and not react

To listen without cutting the other off

A little bit of sunshine, despite the gloom

A little sprinkle of humour to break into a smile

A dollop of love, every now and then

A helping of advice, measured and short

If criticism and blame creep in, do be alert and know

Let both be soothed with a balm of kindness and compassion

So that the blow may not push the other further away

For the worst thing that can happen

Is someone feeling they are not worthy, not good enough

And that they don't belong

So when such moments present themselves

Make sure there is dessert, yes dessert

Cake, a pastry or a mousse, or even simply some divine chocolate

That you'll can share and laugh like children

Even making a little mess here and there

For life is short, and before you know it, it will be gone

But the moments you cherish in love and grace

With your head held high with humility

And faith - that the Universe knows what's best for you

Will carry you across the stream of life

To discover a happiness that will permeate through.

This is a poetry blog: or PLog as I would like to term it. PLog - is a poem+Blog


The Storyteller_Mumbai

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